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Enhance & Elevate Sexual Wellness tablets for women (net qty. 30 tablets)

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Fit & Healthy Nutritional Smoothie Mix with Whey Protein (net wt. 500g)

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20g Whey Protein, 1.92 g Oat Fibre, Probiotics & Prebiotics, 17 essential vitamins and minerals

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Zoya tells it like it is

Zoya Abbas, Youtuber and Insta influencer, recently checked out Good Nutrition's Smoothie Mix. And now she can't stop raving about it. Check it out!

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I am Praveen, a tech marketeer working with a digital technologies company. As I approach my 40s in a couple of years, fitness and good nutrition are of high priority, and I work towards it with daily rigour. Being an ardent fan of building a muscular physique makes me hit the gym every morning without fail. Building muscle for a typical person with his busy work routine is exceptionally challenging. Burning fat and building muscle is no easy task without proper nutrition. For most of my life, I relied on natural food sources for protein and other nutrition. I did try whey protein from other brands a couple of times, but it never felt great overall. The protein powder always heated my body and bloated my stomach. Finally, I got introduced to Good Nutrition protein smoothies. Looking at the nutrition label and benefits mentioned, I wanted to give it a try. It has been a month since I have been consuming Good Nutrition protein (whey) smoothie, and I have indeed started noticing the benefits. For starters, the chocolate flavor is delicious and gives a wonderful underlying taste to the tongue. The fact that it is a pro-biotic, makes you feel light in the stomach. Sometimes, I replace my evening meal with the Good Nutrition smoothie and feel full before I hit the sack. This helps me consume very few calories and helps in my daily calorie deficit. After consuming the smoothie for nearly a month, I can definitely  see changes in my overall muscle growth. I feel the muscle is full and getting into the right shape, and last but not least—my skin looks much better than ever (I believe that is because of the added vitamins that come with the smoothie). I would undoubtedly recommend Good Nutrition’s protein smoothies for people trying to add those extra quantities of protein (approx. 20g) to their daily diet. I am a happy customer, and "Thank you" to the Good Nutrition team.

Praveen (Tech marketer)
Shapesh Kumar

My name is Shapesh and I have been into fitness for some time now. I was overweight a couple of years back. After trying multiple meal plans, I found that skipping dinner really helped me. By following this routine, I lost a good amount of weight in one year. However, I had to struggle with late evening cravings. That’s when I found this product called, “Smoothie Mix with Whey Protein - Chocolate flavour by Good Nutrition” I have used this product for 20 days now and have to say that the smoothie mix kept me filled without worrying of extra calorie intake and, at the same time, also took care of my evening protein requirement. It mixes easily with water and milk, and gives a very good taste of chocolate smoothie. It’s easy to carry for people like me, whose job involves frequent travelling. Smoothie mix helped me on these aspects: 1- Helped in my weight loss journey by keeping my hunger down and calories in check 2- It allows me to focus more on family and work life, instead of just starving 3- No starving means better sleep 4- Better sleep means better workout in the morning 5- And also I don’t have to worry about taking protein separately. One can use it for any meal replacement: does not mean only replacing the evening meal. I would suggest this product as a part of the diet of every fitness enthusiast.

Shapesh Kumar Sarwa (34 years) Business Development Head - Contract Research Organisation (CRO)

Good Nutrition truly lives up to its name as it provides a wholesome and delicious meal replacement option in its smoothies. My favorite recipe was adding a banana along with almond milk to the chocolate protein mix. Good Nutrition is now part of my regular weekly routine and I am looking forward to trying new combinations for smoothies. Well done - keep it up!

Sankalp Saxena SVP and Managing Director, Nutanix India

Good Nutrition is an amazing product that is now part of my daily life. It’s a fantastic alternative to a meal. Their special smoothie mix, blended with a banana and apple has been my favourite; it is incredibly filling while giving me the energy I need. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Mohan Thomas (63 years) Wildlife photographer, based in Bangalore

My story before I discovered Relax Shot. I have been working the graveyard shift for over 14 years now. Because of this my sleep was extremely poor and led to high BP, poor diet, and gastric problems! At first, I wasn’t sure whether this would help. But I was quite surprised to see both, my sleep quality & duration improved substantially (Almost doubled)! I had initially got it just for myself and my mother-in-law who is in her seventies also tried one and she literally pushed me to get more, to be candid she is core fan for Ayurvedic formulations! I cannot stop praising; this has positively impacted my everyday life!

Divya Diwedi Business Planning Manager (Operation) – Oracle

I was looking for a product to take care of my nutrition when I had to skip a meal which will also, in normal course work like a food supplement. Smoothie mix promises to be just that. Every serving of Smoothie mix contains all the essential ingredients required like proteins, vitamins and minerals & the best part is, it is tasty and easy to make. I would recommend this product to all those looking for on the go nourishment. Congratulations to the Good Nutrition team and wishing them good luck for more such products.

Manoj Bavle (56 years) Chartered Accountant : Formerly Tax Director at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Smoothie mix  provides constant energy throughout the day to carry & excel on your daily routine. No hunger pranks, calms your mind & helps you to stay fresh so that you get good focus on your work. Keep-up your innovation!

Ramesh Babu M (54 years) Co-founder & Director
Sidharth Kailas

I really liked the flavour and taste of the smoothie mix on the first sampling itself. It makes one feel really good. Since I am already a 2-meals a day person, this is a really good addition to my routine. While making me stay away from hunger pangs in between, it also helps keep myself away from unhealthy snacks! Great work Good Nutrition team. Wish you all success in bringing more such products to keep us all healthy.

Sidharth Kailas (43 Years) Co-Founder, Catalyca

For someone who's always on the move, needs more protein and other nutrients and likes a good taste - I enjoyed the smoothie mix. I tried (and have fun with) various recipes - the one with banana, chia, oat milk, and a spoon of peanut butter is my go to. Whether you replace a meal for convenience or want to supplement your good nutrients, smoothie mix is a great choice!

Tarun Lala (33 years) Co-founder, Fanzart | Founder, Levo Labz

I was always in search of a product which is nutritious, yet less on calories. I do work out on a daily basis and it completely helps me in achieving my goals. Smoothie mix is not only tasty but also healthy, since it contains all the essential ingredients required. The best part is I get my daily dosage of proteins, fibre and multivitamins too in just one serving. I strongly recommend this product to all of you looking for on the go nourishment. Thanks to the entire Good Nutrition team and wishing them good luck in their future endeavors.

Santhosh P Bendre (42 years) Senior Tax Manager, Amazon Seller services Private limited

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A new company, Good Nutrition Private Limited, has entered the nutraceutical space with a wide range of products. The first of these is Good Nutrition’s Nutritional Smoothie…
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A new company, Good Nutrition Private Limited, has entered the nutraceutical space with a wide range of products. The first of these is Good Nutrition’s Nutritional Smoothie…
Media Bulletins
A new company, Good Nutrition Private Limited, has entered the nutraceutical space with a wide range of products. The first of these is Good Nutrition’s Nutritional Smoothie…
A new company, Good Nutrition Private Limited, has entered the nutraceutical space with a wide range of products. The first of these is Good Nutrition’s Nutritional Smoothie…
Letters Pedia
A new company, Good Nutrition Private Limited, has entered the nutraceutical space with a wide range of products. The first of these is Good Nutrition’s Nutritional Smoothie…
A new company, Good Nutrition Private Limited, has entered the nutraceutical space with a wide range of products. The first of these is Good Nutrition’s Nutritional Smoothie…
Good Nutrition Private Limited enters the nutraceutical space A new company, Good Nutrition Private Limited, has entered the nutraceutical space with a wide range of products. The…


Is taking supplements good for my body?

Supplements, as the name suggests, are supplementary nutrition i.e., they add on or compensate for the nutrients that may not be met by eating daily foods only. Supplements containing ingredients that have scientific evidence regarding their efficiency and safety are good to take in the recommended dosage. In fact, sometimes, it becomes essential to take supplements in cases of deficiencies and when natural foods are not able to meet dietary requirements.

Do supplements put stress the kidney or liver?

Any supplement with scientifically-backed ingredients, and consumed within the recommended dosage will not have any effect on kidney or liver. If a person has a pre-existing kidney or liver condition, they must consume supplements after consulting with their medical practitioner.

Are supplements organic?

Not all supplements are organic. Some supplements can be organic while other may not be organic. A supplement needs certification to be claimed as ‘organic’ and must pass through certain criteria to be able to get an ‘organic’ claim.

Are supplements necessary?

Supplements become necessary people don't get all the required nutrients from our daily diets. Junk food, eating out or ordering in, late night snacking, these are bad food choices that result inadequacy of nutrients in our body. In addition, several micro-nutrients like Zinc and Selenium are not produced by the body and must be taken externally. Here, taking supplements goes a long way in providing a nutritionally-balanced solution.

Are supplements safe?

Scientifically-formulated supplements, when taken within the recommended dosage are safe to consume. Certain supplements may pose risks if you already have some medical condition related to the kidney or liver. In such cases, talking to your healthcare professional would help before starting the supplement.

Are food nutrients better than supplemental nutrients?

We have often heard whole foods are better than synthetic supplements. However, this may not always be the case. Some compounds are more effective in supplemental form. For e.g., curcumin extract from turmeric is better absorbed in its liposomal form (in supplements) or along with piperine extract from black pepper, than taking turmeric alone on its own. Also, quite often our body needs the extracted part of a food served as a supplement, for better health benefits.

Egg yolk raises your cholesterol and so should be avoided?

Egg yolk has good amount of cholesterol. Foods high in cholesterol can increase LDL cholesterol in most people, but, on average, only to a small extent. Moreover, some of the micro-nutrients and other bio-active compounds in egg yolks could interfere with cholesterol absorption, and many studies have failed to find an increase in cholesterol in egg eaters. The 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommended egg consumption as part of a healthy diet, and abolished the limit of dietary cholesterol intake of 300 mg/day. The updated recommendation reported no significant associations between egg consumption, up to 1 per day, and risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) or coronary heart disease.

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