Fit & Healthy Nutritional Smoothie Mix with Soy Protein (net wt. 500g)

Berry Punch flavour

15g Soy Protein, 1.62g Fibre, Probiotics, 17 essential vitamins and minerals

Weight management
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Fit & Healthy Nutritional Smoothie Mix with Soy Protein (net wt. 500g)
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What makes Good Nutrition Smoothie Mix with Soy Protein unique?

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Nutritional Smoothie Mix is a scientifically designed, all-in-one formula that helps you complete your daily nutritional needs. It nourishes the body and balances your diet with the right mix of high-quality soy protein, vitamins and minerals, soluble dietary fibre, probiotic, topped with powerful antioxidants. This exceptional combination helps you look and feel your best. Now offered as a convenient lifestyle solution. Recommended for use by adults only.

It is a nutritious blend of 15g Soy Protein, essential vitamins and minerals, soluble dietary fibre and probiotics with a balanced mix of macro- and micro-nutrients for maintaining good health in relatively few calories (102Kcal) per serving.

Good Nutrition Smoothie Mix with Soy Protein is formulated with the best quality plant protein, i.e. Isolated Soy Protein (ISP)#. In addition to ISP, the Smoothie Mix contains papain, which is a natural protein digesting enzyme derived from papaya that aids in protein digestion.

#ISP has a PDCAAS value of 1 and DIAAS of 0.91. These values are testimony to the quality of the protein, which is measured by amino acid profile for essential amino acids required by the human body and bio-availability of these amino acids through the source of protein.

Isolated Soy Protein is a great source of soy isoflavones which are known to have a beneficial impact.

  • Soy Protein

    Nutritional Smoothie Mix is formulated with the best quality of plant protein i.e. Isolated Soy Protein (ISP). Along with ISP, Smoothie Mix contains papain which is a natural protein digesting enzyme derived from papaya. Isolated Soy Protein also provides soy isoflavones which are known to have beneficial impact.

  • Probiotics

    Probiotics are microorganisms that reside in our gut which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit to the host#. Probiotics have been reported to play an extremely important in aiding digestion, immunity and cognitive functioning. Good Nutrition Smoothie Mix provides a good daily dose of Lactobacillus Acidophilus. Lacobacillus acidophilus helps improve gut health, overall immunity, lowering cholesterol and reportedly prevention of colon cancer.

    #Probiotics and Prebiotics consensus statement

  • Fibre

    Good Nutrition Nutritional Smoothie Mix provides oat based soluble dietary fibre which lowers cholesterol, improves blood sugar levels, helps achieving healthy weight and has powerful antioxidant properties because of beta glucan and avenanthramides.

  • Vitamin and Minerals

    Nutritional Smoothie Mix contains 16 vitamins and minerals that provide complete and comprehensive nourishment. Calcium and Vitamin D are essential for bone health. Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium helps boost immunity. Vitamin D2 and Magnesium helps build strength.

  • All-in-one formula that contains 15g high quality Soy Protein, probiotics, 1.62g oat based soluble dietary fibre and 16 essential vitamin and minerals in a single product.
  • Healthy meal supplement that meets your daily/ complete nutritional needs.
  • Improves body’s metabolism and helps in weight loss and weight management as part of an overall lifestyle program, which includes a healthy, balanced diet and physical activity.
  • Improves gut health and balances hormones.
  • Anti-oxidant action to reduce oxidative stress.
  • Lowers cholesterol, improves sugar levels and helps against gut cancer risk.
  • Boosts immunity

Whether you have an active lifestyle, or you are food-conscious in your diet, or you’re just trying to control your weight, it is hard to ensure that your body is getting the correct nutrition it requires each day.

Why is your daily, home-made diet insufficient? A comparison study of an average Indian diet with the #EAT-Lancet reference diet# found that:

  • Indian diets overall, across states and income groups, are unhealthy. They do not provide the total set of daily nutrients that make up a complete diet.
  • Indians consume excess cereals and less protein.
  • The share of calories from protein sources is only 6–8% in India, compared to 29% in the EAT-Lancet reference diet.
  • The richest 5% Indians take in adequate calories, but still consume insufficient protein-rich food.

# The EAT-Lancet Commission consists of 37 world-leading scientists from 16 countries from various scientific disciplines. The goal of the Commission was to reach a scientific consensus by defining targets for healthy diets and sustainable food production. To read more about their findings about Indian diet and its shortcomings, click here.

Good Nutrition Nutritional Smoothie Mix with Soy Protein fills this gap by providing a nutritionally-balanced portion of the daily needs for protein, carbohydrates, soluble dietary fibre, plus most vitamins and essential minerals per serving. Nutritional Smoothie Mix is a healthy meal choice that provides nutritionally correct amounts of macro- and micro-nutrients in a single serving.

This unique formulation is intended to support weight loss and management as part of an overall lifestyle program, which includes a healthy, balanced diet and physical activity.

By incorporating Good Nutrition’s Nutritional Smoothie Mix in your daily diet, you get to enjoy a healthy, delicious and nutritious meal without overloading on calories.

You can enjoy the Nutritional Shake Smoothie Mix as recommended on the label:

  • Gently shake the canister prior to each use as contents may settle.
  • To prepare one serving, add 27 gm ## powder into 150 ml of water, skimmed milk or a beverage of your choice. Stir well to dissolve completely and consume immediately after mixing. ##All claims are applicable to mixing 27 g powder in 150 ml water.
  • Recommended to be consumed within the stated recommended daily usage.
  • Create your own Nutritional Smoothie Mix recipes* by mixing with fresh fruits and ice (as preferred). *Your calorie value may change.
  • For healthy snacking: mix 27 gm of powder in 150 ml of water, mix or shake well to dissolve completely to enjoy a nutritious treat.
  • For weight loss: Replace 2 meals daily with a Nutritional Smoothie Mix prepared in skimmed milk as advised on the label, and eat one nutritious meal.
  • For weight management/ calorie control: Replace one meal with Nutritional Smoothie Mix per day.

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4 reviews for Fit & Healthy Nutritional Smoothie Mix with Soy Protein (net wt. 500g)

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  1. Meghna Chawla

    Honestly, I can feel a big difference in my daily energy. Smoothie Mix Berry Blast keeps me full for longer. So I am not snacking, and this will help me in keeping check on my winter Kilos …

  2. Vanita Khandekar

    My husband and I have been using Good Nutrition Smoothie Mix, and I have been using this for 2 months. I have found it beneficial for general wellbeing. I feel that fibre And pro biotics plays important role in the diet after crossing 40. My husband has been taking this regularly in night and has lost weight. He finds the Smoothie Mix takes the edge off his appetite.

  3. Richa Sharma

    I was always sceptical about taking supplements. My close friend introduced me to GN product and I am so thankful to her. I feel nice from the inside, and feel my health is complete now. Berry Punch flavour is amazing!

  4. Mr Prem Datt Sharma (verified owner)

    Excellent product

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I am Praveen, a tech marketeer working with a digital technologies company. As I approach my 40s in a couple of years, fitness and good nutrition are of high priority, and I work towards it with daily rigour. Being an ardent fan of building a muscular physique makes me hit the gym every morning without fail. Building muscle for a typical person with his busy work routine is exceptionally challenging. Burning fat and building muscle is no easy task without proper nutrition. For most of my life, I relied on natural food sources for protein and other nutrition. I did try whey protein from other brands a couple of times, but it never felt great overall. The protein powder always heated my body and bloated my stomach. Finally, I got introduced to Good Nutrition protein smoothies. Looking at the nutrition label and benefits mentioned, I wanted to give it a try. It has been a month since I have been consuming Good Nutrition protein (whey) smoothie, and I have indeed started noticing the benefits. For starters, the chocolate flavor is delicious and gives a wonderful underlying taste to the tongue. The fact that it is a pro-biotic, makes you feel light in the stomach. Sometimes, I replace my evening meal with the Good Nutrition smoothie and feel full before I hit the sack. This helps me consume very few calories and helps in my daily calorie deficit. After consuming the smoothie for nearly a month, I can definitely  see changes in my overall muscle growth. I feel the muscle is full and getting into the right shape, and last but not least—my skin looks much better than ever (I believe that is because of the added vitamins that come with the smoothie). I would undoubtedly recommend Good Nutrition’s protein smoothies for people trying to add those extra quantities of protein (approx. 20g) to their daily diet. I am a happy customer, and "Thank you" to the Good Nutrition team.

Praveen (Tech marketer)
Shapesh Kumar

My name is Shapesh and I have been into fitness for some time now. I was overweight a couple of years back. After trying multiple meal plans, I found that skipping dinner really helped me. By following this routine, I lost a good amount of weight in one year. However, I had to struggle with late evening cravings. That’s when I found this product called, “Smoothie Mix with Whey Protein - Chocolate flavour by Good Nutrition” I have used this product for 20 days now and have to say that the smoothie mix kept me filled without worrying of extra calorie intake and, at the same time, also took care of my evening protein requirement. It mixes easily with water and milk, and gives a very good taste of chocolate smoothie. It’s easy to carry for people like me, whose job involves frequent travelling. Smoothie mix helped me on these aspects: 1- Helped in my weight loss journey by keeping my hunger down and calories in check 2- It allows me to focus more on family and work life, instead of just starving 3- No starving means better sleep 4- Better sleep means better workout in the morning 5- And also I don’t have to worry about taking protein separately. One can use it for any meal replacement: does not mean only replacing the evening meal. I would suggest this product as a part of the diet of every fitness enthusiast.

Shapesh Kumar Sarwa (34 years) Business Development Head - Contract Research Organisation (CRO)

Good Nutrition truly lives up to its name as it provides a wholesome and delicious meal replacement option in its smoothies. My favorite recipe was adding a banana along with almond milk to the chocolate protein mix. Good Nutrition is now part of my regular weekly routine and I am looking forward to trying new combinations for smoothies. Well done - keep it up!

Sankalp Saxena SVP and Managing Director, Nutanix India

Good Nutrition is an amazing product that is now part of my daily life. It’s a fantastic alternative to a meal. Their special smoothie mix, blended with a banana and apple has been my favourite; it is incredibly filling while giving me the energy I need. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Mohan Thomas (63 years) Wildlife photographer, based in Bangalore

My story before I discovered Relax Shot. I have been working the graveyard shift for over 14 years now. Because of this my sleep was extremely poor and led to high BP, poor diet, and gastric problems! At first, I wasn’t sure whether this would help. But I was quite surprised to see both, my sleep quality & duration improved substantially (Almost doubled)! I had initially got it just for myself and my mother-in-law who is in her seventies also tried one and she literally pushed me to get more, to be candid she is core fan for Ayurvedic formulations! I cannot stop praising; this has positively impacted my everyday life!

Divya Diwedi Business Planning Manager (Operation) – Oracle

I was looking for a product to take care of my nutrition when I had to skip a meal which will also, in normal course work like a food supplement. Smoothie mix promises to be just that. Every serving of Smoothie mix contains all the essential ingredients required like proteins, vitamins and minerals & the best part is, it is tasty and easy to make. I would recommend this product to all those looking for on the go nourishment. Congratulations to the Good Nutrition team and wishing them good luck for more such products.

Manoj Bavle (56 years) Chartered Accountant : Formerly Tax Director at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Smoothie mix  provides constant energy throughout the day to carry & excel on your daily routine. No hunger pranks, calms your mind & helps you to stay fresh so that you get good focus on your work. Keep-up your innovation!

Ramesh Babu M (54 years) Co-founder & Director
Sidharth Kailas

I really liked the flavour and taste of the smoothie mix on the first sampling itself. It makes one feel really good. Since I am already a 2-meals a day person, this is a really good addition to my routine. While making me stay away from hunger pangs in between, it also helps keep myself away from unhealthy snacks! Great work Good Nutrition team. Wish you all success in bringing more such products to keep us all healthy.

Sidharth Kailas (43 Years) Co-Founder, Catalyca

For someone who's always on the move, needs more protein and other nutrients and likes a good taste - I enjoyed the smoothie mix. I tried (and have fun with) various recipes - the one with banana, chia, oat milk, and a spoon of peanut butter is my go to. Whether you replace a meal for convenience or want to supplement your good nutrients, smoothie mix is a great choice!

Tarun Lala (33 years) Co-founder, Fanzart | Founder, Levo Labz

I was always in search of a product which is nutritious, yet less on calories. I do work out on a daily basis and it completely helps me in achieving my goals. Smoothie mix is not only tasty but also healthy, since it contains all the essential ingredients required. The best part is I get my daily dosage of proteins, fibre and multivitamins too in just one serving. I strongly recommend this product to all of you looking for on the go nourishment. Thanks to the entire Good Nutrition team and wishing them good luck in their future endeavors.

Santhosh P Bendre (42 years) Senior Tax Manager, Amazon Seller services Private limited


What makes Good Nutrition Nutritional Smoothie Mix with Soy Protein unique?

Good Nutrition Nutritional Smoothie Mix completes your daily nutritional needs of Soy Protein, probiotics, oat-based total dietary fibre and essential vitamins and minerals in a single product.

How can Good Nutrition Nutritional Smoothie Mix with Soy Protein help you in your day to day routine?

Good Nutrition Nutritional Smoothie Mix is a nutritionally balanced, low calorie and high protein mix and can be a great meal choice and a pre- or post-workout drink

How are probiotics useful for me?

Probiotics are friendly bacteria which reside in our gut and helps in digestion, immunity and cognitive functioning

What is dietary fibre and benefits of oat-based fibre?

Dietary fibre that is intrinsic and intact in fibre-rich foods is widely recognised to have beneficial effects on health. Oat-based soluble dietary fibre helps to lower cholesterol, improve blood sugar levels, and helps in achieving and maintaining your healthy weight target.

Do I need to consult my doctor before taking Good Nutrition Nutritional Smoothie Mix?

It is a wellness product and does not require a prescription or doctor’s advice.

Is Good Nutrition Nutritional Smoothie Mix a medicine or a food supplement ?

It is a food supplement aimed to provide a balanced and nutrient-dense smoothie shake for weight management.

How much can I take in a day?

One can take ideally take 1-2 servings per day, depending upon your weight management plan.

Can I take Good Nutrition Nutritional Smoothie Mix with a meal, or can I replace it with a meal?

You may use it as a meal in itself, or supplement it with a meal.

Can I mix Good Nutrition Nutritional Smoothie Mix with fruits and vegetables?

Yes, you can mix it with fruits and vegetables.

What is the science and quality behind Good Nutrition Nutritional Smoothie Mix?

Good Nutrition Nutritional Smoothie Mix has the effect of High Protein Meal Replacement (HPMR) on weight loss and cardio metabolic profile in overweight/ obese subjects and this HPMR has been found to be effective.
Nutritional Smoothie Mix when consumed along with calorie-restricted diet and moderate physical activity daily, showed:
• Reduction in body weight
• Reduction in waist, hip and mid-arm circumference
• Reduction in body fat percentage and fat mass
• Improvement in blood lipid profile (reduction in total cholesterol and serum triglycerides*)

*Serum triglycerides - the most common type of fat in the body, normal triglyceride levels vary by age and sex

What is a meal replacer?

Meal replacer, as per FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) falls under category of “Foods For Special Dietary Uses (FSDU)”, which are specially processed or formulated to satisfy particular dietary requirements which may exist or arise because of certain physiological or specific health conditions, namely:

a. low weight, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure
b. Pregnant and lactating women; and
c. Geriatric population and celiac disease and other health conditions

It is a formula food presented as a replacement of one or more meals of the daily diet and should comply with the following:
a. Provide energy not less than 200 KCal and not more than 400 KCal per meal.
b. Not less than 25% and not more than 50% of the energy available from food, when ready to serve shall be derived from its protein content.

What is the role of meal replacer in weight management?

Cutting down on the calorie or burning calories helps in weight management/ weight loss. A decrease of 1000 KCal daily is required to lose about 1 kg a week, and a reduction of 500 KCal daily will bring about a weight loss of nearly ½ kg a week. This means that to lose ½ kg (one pound), either you will have to burn or save 500 calories every day.

Meal replacers like Good Nutrition's Nutritional Smoothie Mix, are low in calories and packed with essential nutrients required in a meal. Including the Nutritional Smoothie Mix into your daily diet helps to keep track of calories consumed which may be difficult in regular meals and it's easy and quick to make.

I am a diabetic: can I take the Smoothie Mix?

Good Nutrition Smoothie Mix is formulated with fructose as the added sugar. Fructose is the same simple sugar (monohydrate) that you get from fruits; so consuming our smoothie should impact your blood sugar levels similar to when you consume fruits.

We recommend that you consult a medical practitioner for any medical condition you have; our products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any diseases.

Can it be used to reduce weight ?

Smoothie Mix can be used as a meal replacer. In effect, you get all the nourishment of a complete meal that your body needs, at a fraction of the calories. When you couple this intake with mild exercise, you will create a daily calorie deficit in your body, resulting in weight reduction.

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